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A submissive escort? A date in Birmingham

So, hands up who’s met me? And how do I behave when I’m with you? Here is my account of a ‘date with a difference’… my experience of being submissive as an escort…

My life as an escort comes very naturally to me… It is the best job in the world in my humble opinion. I love the excitement of getting ready for a sensual and decadent date, of choosing my lingerie and selecting my outfit. I love the butterflies I get driving to our rendezvous, I love wondering and anticipating what lies in store.

It feels natural to me because it just is… I love to laugh and share lingering looks, a gentle first touch of skin, the delectable suggestion of aftershave, a hint of delightful nervousness, a growing feeling of mutual pleasure….

I love to feel a man’s touch as I start to undress him. I love to feel our mounting desire and the feel of stubble against my lips. I love to feel you pushed against me with desire and to watch your eyes devour me when I undress… I am tactile, I love to kiss and be kissed, I love to give and take with abandon and passion, and to lie sweaty and satiated in each other’s arms. I love to laugh and indulge, to share secrets and desires… and if time will allow, to build this excitement again if the mood strikes…

 Of course, I can always wait to enjoy our next rendezvous, but the thrill of a date who wants me again, will always excite me, and I must confess, I will relive our time together, the minute I get home and into my bed…

Like almost every escort I have ever met, I am fascinated with this life; with the closeness and the delightful, secret world of fantasy; with learning how to push each other over the edge into the sublime and exquisite and to surpass each experience- whether sensual or intimately caring- when we next meet.

One sultry evening in Birmingham, a regular companion and partner in crime, suggested a date with a difference…

Now let me be clear; I love the excitement of learning what makes a man trust me enough to share his deepest desires, but I also love to feel the same passion and trust that they feel towards me. Of course, I am certainly no prude, but to submit control, however much sharing and affection has been built, a great amount of trust and understanding comes before I feel secure enough to submit to a companion.

I met Mr G in a fabulous hotel in Birmingham. I knew he had a penchant to dominate and through our dates, I was ready, and trusted him to lead me on a new journey.

I arrived as instructed to the hotel room he had booked. I knocked and waited, and he opened the door, wearing a suit and tie, and a seductive smile that told me he had a very special itinerary in store for us that night.

Mr G asked me to sit on the sofa and poured me a glass of champagne. Infront of me was an envelope addressed to Lauren…

Inside was a list of questions. I knew and trusted this gentleman, so of course, I was excited at how our date was already starting to seem new, different and thrilling…

The first 3 questions were innocuous, and easy for me to answer… Question 4 was when our date become something new, unknown and unbearably exciting.

I was wearing a tight, black cocktail dress, while he wore a suit and silk tie… Question number 4 asked me to put my hands on the desk, facing a mirror, and to bend over ever so slightly and stay perfectly still. I stood up, already feeling my legs start to shake with anticipation, as I put my glass of champagne on the desk in front of me and did as he asked.

I felt Mr G behind me… Sometimes I opened my eyes to watch in the mirror, sometimes I closed them to await what would happen next. I felt his breath on my cheek and on my neck and his hands start to explore inside my dress, slowly lifting it upwards with his hands, then start to gently stroke my thighs and ass and push his clothed body against my increased nakedness.

I would love to remember the order of his instructions he’d carefully written out for us that evening, but the rest of our date saw me succumb to the agreed agenda he had carefully laid out in his letter.

Mr G instructed me to take off my dress and lie naked on the bed with my hands above my head and my eyes closed. As I lay on the bed, fully exposed, I could hear him start to take off his tie, belt and suit. ‘’Keep your hands above your head’’ he instructed; and while I did, he laid his tie over my eyes so I could not see.

The feel of such a simple sensory deprivation was pure decadence in its difference… not just my agreed acceptance of submission, but also trusting someone enough to understand my boundaries and push me to the very edge of what we had agreed on our date. Mr G, with his tie covering my eyes, started to explore and devour my body with a control that sent me wild. I could hear his heavy breathing against my ear. His lips, hands and tongue, exploring every inch of me, all the while telling me what he would do to me next… and on our next adventure, how he would push these boundaries further.

He gently knotted his tie around my eyes, and the feeling of loss of control, while also knowing I was safe, was so erotic and exhilarating, I was overcome with abandon. He took his time bringing me to the edge and pulling back, working his way around my body. Gently teasing and sucking my nipples, using his belt to gently stroke my body, but never overstepping my new adventure. He used the belt to stroke the cold metal against my stomach and inner thighs and whisper in my ears how he would use his control, until I could take no more. He kissed my lips and neck, pressed his naked body against mine, and teased me to the very edge until I was begging for more. Yet still he controlled our pleasure, not letting me move my hands from above my head. I was at his mercy, and he controlled his desires and let my yielding body and increased pleading for more, direct his actions.

He poured champagne over my body and licked every morsel with thirst. I felt so wanted and desired and writhed with frustration and pleasure.

Eventually he pushed and rubbed his cock against my face then into my mouth and the exhilaration and desire I felt was so unique and desperate. Nothing turns me on more than to feel a man wanting to fill my mouth with his cock and instruct me exactly how to please him. The anticipation of not being able to see, coupled with my first introduction to feeling dominated, sent me over the edge. I will always love this… Having a man show and feel pleasure while I hold his cock in my mouth, simply consumes me… I cannot say if I feel submission or power when I’m doing this, I just know I absolutely adore it.

When he finally pushed his cock inside of me, I was filled with abandon and I can’t believe I’d been patient for so long… I must admit I am not the most patient of women when it comes to my satisfaction!

I often wonder who enjoyed this date the most? Mr G was experienced in domination and I believe I was his first ‘newbie’ at learning this type of pleasure… He was patient, experienced and respectful and although I was exhilarated with the unknown, his understanding and respect that I was breaking new boundaries, made this date so exciting and pleasurable.

Would I love to do it again? Of course! However, it is all about building a rapport and mutual trust; to push boundaries and experiment and have the confidence to do so together was what made it so exhilarating. Communication and trust can lead to such amazing dates where both parties feel secure enough to push boundaries and respect each other to develop an open dialogue that leads to amazing new experiences.

What a lucky world we @IndieColl women live in… And how blessed we are to meet such amazing humans to explore this life with us.

All my love Lauren xx

Catch up with my day-to-day experiences on Twitter: @MsLaurenBrook

Thank you to Emily Cole and Sofia James for their unbelievable erotic blogs and decadent inspiration… and I like you, cannot wait for Pippa Parlance to publish her first blog any day now…

Thank you to Olivia Sinclair, for her expert insight into all things alternative… Her website and Only Fans are essential for all those who love to explore a more intense insight into what I have only just been introduced to.

And of course, thank you to the amazing, AJ who is the Indie Collective’s ultimate temptress for GFE experiences with an added spice of the dominatrix lifestyle…

My, my you gorgeous people! Erotic literature has never been so fabulous xx

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