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My Favourite Fantasy
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Fantasy, desire and frustration

One of the most exciting things about being an independent escort is being able to fantasise about my most deepest and secret desires, while knowing that you- along with our gorgeous IndieColl sexpots- are feeling just as desperate to kiss and fuck and lick every inch of naked skin we’ve been yearning for. Even if this year has been quite different for all of us, this extra time to explore my thirst, has meant my imagination has pushed my boundaries to the limit of frustration.

Usually my biggest turn on is devouring you, while you allow me to explore your body and take my time greedily bringing you to YOUR climax. And while I take you there, I make sure I take my own satisfaction from you as well.

But now it’s your turn to be patient. I want YOU to feel the frustration I have felt waiting to feel your cock inside me and feel how hard you are in my mouth.

So I want you to watch me slip out of my dress, leaving on just my tiny thong and stilettos. You watch me as I slide back on the bed and open my legs. I’m already so wet, you can see through my knickers, and I ask you to pass me my vibrator, but not before taking my lube and rubbing it over my pussy.

You stand back again, grabbing your cock with one hand, and watching as I start to tease my clit in front of you, and then as I start to slowly push my pussy apart.

I can see you watching me as I start to fuck myself harder and faster, and I can see you moving closer. You take my vibrator and start to tease me with it, letting me feel the frustration you’ve been feeling while I’d make you wait to touch me. You’re keeping calm, but start to realise this is what I’ve wanted all along- for you to feel this exact same frustration and know your turn is next.

Would you like to pull off my thong and tell me exactly what you want me to do to you? Or grab me by my thighs and pull me in front of you, while you hear me beg for you to fuck me? Or are you a bit more devious and hold my legs apart and instruct me to carry on fucking myself while you make me wait until I deserve more?

Eventually I get what I’ve been waiting for and you start to fuck me exactly how we had been teasing each other over dinner. Maybe you let me take your cock in my mouth? You know how much I love to devour every inch of you I can manage. Or maybe you want me to work for your cock? Straddling you on the bed; and do as you ask as you whisper in my ear: writhing, pounding and bouncing you deep inside me. Or perhaps we are too far gone and you pull me onto all fours and fuck me hard and fast with every inch of you, pushing my head into the pillows?

You see my lockdown fantasies have been led by my pent-up sexual frustration; to the point where I want to make sure you feel the same. The reason I have loved having more time to explore my fantasies, is that it’s made me crave your touch and take my time imagining all the possibilities when we meet. I want to make you wait, but not too much. You will definitely be more patient than I am.

So, it this my fantasy? Or can it be yours too? Or perhaps we can invite one of the Indie team to join us as well?

Let’s find out…

Lauren xx

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