Make a Date with Lauren

Arranging a date with me is easy, even if we have not met before...

Please contact me by email with the following information:

• Real name

• Contact telephone number

• Intended date, time and location of booking

• Any queries you may have that have not been addressed in this website

• I will also ask for standard screening information to ensure our date is fun and runs smoothly

The screening information I require will include:

• A copy of your photo ID

• Proof of address for dates at your private residence (please note that you may cover any other personal information)

• Confirmation of your hotel reservation if you would prefer to meet with me at a hotel

• A 30% deposit of your intended booking duration if we have not met before, or for bookings of 4 hours or more

• Please be aware that I will need to have received all screening information and deposit at least 72 hours before our date

Repeat clients will not need to provide screening information again, unless you request a new venue for our date. If you would like a date lasting 4 hours or more, or in the unlikely event you have needed to cancel our previous date, a further deposit will be requested.



Discretion and privacy is of course something I value and respect completely. Any information or identification I request from you will be kept confidential. The information you provide must be genuine.


All first-time clients and any dates of 4 hours or more will need to be secured with a 30% deposit before the date is confirmed. My bank account is discreetly named to ensure your privacy. In the rare event I need to cancel, your deposit will of course be refunded in full.


Balance to be paid in cash at the start of our date in UK currency.

You may decide you would like to extend the date when we are together - this is frequently requested. Please consider bringing further cash if you anticipate this to avoid disappointment.


While I understand that life will sometimes get in the way of our fantasies, please be aware that repeat cancellations mean that I will unable to accept another date request from you.

If any deposit has been made, this is non-refundable, however I would be happy to negotiate another mutually convenient time for us to meet.


Please ensure that you are freshly showered for our date. There is nothing more exciting than getting sweaty together, but good hygiene is a must.


Safe sex is a must, I always carry condoms with me.

Drugs and Alcohol

I am happy to share a drink together, however any inappropriate drunken behaviour will not be tolerated.

Any drug use or drunken behaviour will result in our date being terminated.

Thank you for reading and understanding, Lauren xx