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How I became Lauren- an independent escort

About Birmingham & Midlands escort Lauren Brook

I live and work near Birmingham. In the office, my colleagues walk past me with a nod and a smile, and no break in their step. We are all incredibly busy you see. During the day I’ll be wearing my glasses and my hair will be pinned back, my makeup if worn at all, will be minimal. Occasionally I may surprise a work friend, with a slightly risqué remark which may raise an eyebrow, before a brief pause and a surprised chuckle. However, for the most part I like to blend in…

The art of skirting just under the radar- being somewhat of a voyeur at heart- watching and listening is something that started to interest me when I became a waitress as soon as I turned 18. Having never eaten anywhere more sophisticated than the local pub, I needed to hit the ground running. I remember the more experienced wait staff teaching me pointers on how to be a good waitress… Always be the first to smile; listen to not only what is being said but what is not being said and watch for reactions however subtle they might be.

These tips I was given, I’m sure long forgotten by my well-meaning colleagues, have fascinated me ever since and now, years later, I look back with fascination at how this approach to life has evolved into me.

I became an escort in November 2018 and if you knew me in my personal or professional life you’d be spluttering over your coffee and saying ‘nice one L….. save it for April fools’ day.’ But the thing is, I am, and the reason I started is because I love the thrill of having my own special secret that is just for me, as well as the delicious notion that, even if people suspected I may have a slightly naughty hidden side, they’d never quite guess what it is.

I remember very clearly how the first innocuous seed was sown. It was early January 2018 on a miserable rainy day at work. In the cramped staffroom, during a mid-morning break, with chattering colleagues jostling to be heard all around me, I started to hear snippets of two female colleagues’ conversation. As the noise level was rising with each new person who entered the staffroom, so too did their voices, and I, being placed in an ideal spot to eavesdrop and with my nose in a book, started to listen. The more I heard, the more interested I became, until eventually I understood:

’I know, I only still work here so my friends don’t start wondering why I’ve changed my career… although telling them I fell asleep watching YouTube is starting to get old… what do you tell them?’

‘New boyfriend…’

They were just like me, but were escorts. And I was fascinated.

Over the next few months I googled and researched and found myself already ensconced in a world I didn’t yet belong to. It became my secret fantasy but also my new research project. I spent my evenings pouring over the practical aspects of escorting on forums catering to all types of people working in the sex industry. I watched everything from webcams, to the 1960s film ‘Belle de Jour.’ I read escort directories and websites and ‘Diary of a Manhatten Callgirl.’ I was, if you’ll excuse the pun, already ‘hooked.’ I thought about online sex work, but the prospect didn’t hold the same thrill. I wanted to be seen but not seen. I wanted an alter ego; a Wonder Woman for my Diana Prince.

And then, nearly a year later, I found myself in a cosy pub on the outskirts of Cheltenham, chatting to a woman who ran an amazing escort agency, who would become one of my most beloved friends. I’d spent ages deciding what I should wear; what does an aspiring escort wear to an interview to show sophistication, but not raise eyebrows in a casual environment? (Skinny jeans, heels and a cashmere jumper if you were curious about my decision). Two and a half hours later, returning to my car, adrenaline and excitement were coursing through me, with an intensity no first date had ever been able to match, and I knew that the devil inside me wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation. Yes, the financial prospects made my eyes water, but more than that, I would be doing something so not me, I had to see if I was really hiding a sensual, erotic and playful alter ego behind my specs and workday attire.

As you may have guessed, by reading this, yes, I did find her, and every date so far has given me goose bumps and excitement as I get ready to meet them. Sometimes it may be a date I have developed a brilliantly fun-loving and long-standing bond with; or someone new, who will surprise me, when they show they have a hidden sensual, sexual side to contrast with the polite and down to earth person, I’d met at the hotel bar- just like me…

Of course, during these 18 months, I have had some fascinating and toe-curling experiences with men, couples and fellow escorts. After a brilliant period working with the agency, I decided to follow my heart, and along with some of the truly amazing women I had met while escorting, I made the journey to becoming an independent escort, with the Indie Collective; a group of like-minded, free-spirited women, each devilishly armed with their own individual set of seduction techniques, but also playful, caring and excited to set a new tone in the industry, that would show our dates what they meant to us too.

I am now part of an incredible group of women, who have gained so much mutual pleasure from the men, women and couples who have invited us to share their time.

So that is how Lauren came to be, and I can’t wait to share some of the dates and experiences I’ve had along the way, as well as balancing ‘Lauren’ with her own version of a DC Comic alias. The two of us are tied together now, so much so, that changing the name ‘Lauren’ would feel as unlikely as changing the name of the ‘real’ me.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing a little bit about what lead me into this world and would love to hear any ideas you may like me to blog about. You can catch up with my day-to-day life (and the lives of my fellow femme fatales on Twitter @MsLaurenBrook and @IndieColl.

My next blog will be about the first date I shared with the incredible Harriet Alderton

Lots of love, Lauren x

Thank you to Olivia Sinclair, for her suggestion this post xx

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