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My Favourite Fantasy

A tasteful nude shot of Lauren on the bed.

One of the reasons I love working as an independent escort as much as I do, is that it allows me to live out my fantasies. And fantasies don’t have to be extreme, they can be subtle, they can be tactile and they can be ‘normal’.

My favourite fantasy starts long before you and I have met. In fact, it starts when I make a note of our upcoming date in my diary. What will you be like, I wonder? What can I do for you that will really turn you on? What buttons do I need to push to satisfy you 100%? The fantasy starts now, and you will occupy a corner of my mind with devilish thoughts from here on in.

An important part of any date prep for me is organising my outfits. I love my slim, busty physique and I love showing it off in tight fitting dresses over dinner, and in exquisite lingerie over dessert. It may be we have discussed your favourite type of lingerie in advance, in which case preparing my bag for our date will be a pleasure. My freshly dry-cleaned underwear – almost certainly a selection – will be packed into my overnight bag along with an assortment of toys, oils, condoms, heels….and anything else that tickles our fancy.

The drive to you will be filled with anticipation and excitement. Chances are I already know what you look like from your ID. But I have yet to know what you feel like, what you smell like and what you taste like. When I reach down during a fully clothed embrace in the hotel bar, and slyly place my hand between your legs, I have yet to know how that hardness feels being gently pressed against the palm of my hand. A promise of things to come.

Finally in the room with you, you are a joy to spend time with, make no mistake. Your gentlemanly behaviour, your cleanliness, your thoughtfulness, have not gone unnoticed. I spoil you with long lingering kisses, and deep, passionate snogs – our tongues entwined and our hands wandering.

I whisper to you, asking what you like. You tell me you want me to take you in my mouth, and use my tongue on you however I please. I set to work, spoiling you and pampering you. Gently, slowly, un-rushed. Occasionally gazing up to admire the look of bliss in your eyes. This is not a wham-bam-thankyou-mam affair, this is a work of art, and works of art take time to complete.

You decide you want to pick up the pace, and I am only too happy to oblige. Shall I climb on the desk in nothing but my black stiletto heels? That’s right, I will sit on my bottom on the desk, lean back against the wall, while you stand naked between my legs, your cock rock hard and throbbing.

Push yourself deep inside me and make me gasp. I reach my hand over to hold on to the side of the desk, knocking the hotel phone onto the carpet. We ignore it. You’re too busy watching your dick slide into my pussy, and i’m too busy feeling your dick slide into my pussy. What a sensation. I’m hoping you’re going to fuck me hard, the build up has been slow and sensual but the climax needs to be an ERUPTION.

We fuck like animals. You stare at my big tits bouncing with every stoke. You delight in my moans, and I in yours. You’re getting close. You pick me up off the desk, your dick still buried deep inside me, and carry me over to the floor to ceiling window. Placing me down on floor, and standing naked in just my high heels, you turn me round and instruct me to lean against the glass. A standing doggy fuck ensues, with my face and tits on display through the window to anyone who cares to glance up from the street.

Our orgasms are synchronised and explosive. I am absolutely thrilled, both in personal satisfaction and with the look in your eyes afterwards: a look that tells me you will remember our passion for a long time to come.

You see: you are my favourite fantasy. And more specifically, pleasing you is my favourite fantasy. Dates vary of course, but finding out your wants and needs and making sure they are met is a huge turn on for me. Pampering you in ways you may never have experienced before and devoting myself to your pleasure during the hours we are together is my goal. I don’t consider myself a submissive escort, I am just a girl who gets turned on by you being turned on. Maybe I am even a little bit selfish, come to think of it?

Lauren xx

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