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A weekend on the farm in Gloucestershire

As those of you who follow me on Twitter will know, I spent last weekend in Gloucestershire with the amazing Harriet Alderton, a fellow escort and member of the Indie Collective, down on her farm, beyond a tiny hamlet, near Cheltenham.

It was a weekend filled with fresh air, fun, affection and a few glasses of bubbly! During this period of lockdown, my fellow escorts and I had not only missed our clients, but each other as well, and to see our beloved Harriet and give her the biggest hug and kiss, was the best medicine anyone could wish for.

We started our weekend together in style (well almost), by taking a glass of champagne down to the nearby river and sitting and talking about our lives and wondering what the future would hold. We are both firm believers in keeping a positive attitude towards the slings and arrows that life may throw your way. However during these times, we have also found, like so many others, that appreciating what you have right this minute in front of you- no matter how small- is not only important in showing you what is of true value, but also a humbling lesson in pragmatism during difficult times.

The glass of champagne is almost certainly where any illusion of glamour ended. Wearing far less sophisticated or sexy attire than I think we’ve ever seen each other in, we sat by the river, huddled together in our muddy wellies, old woolly jumpers and jeans, without a scrap of glam or polish to be seen and talked and laughed until it was nearly dark, then wandered back to Harriet’s farm to snuggle up in bed and chat some more.

The following day was quite different from my usual routine! I grew up living in the countryside, just as Harriet did and love outdoor pursuits, such as horseriding and dog walking, but in more recent years, I have been a city dweller near Birmingham and am used to late night Ubers arriving in 5 minutes, food of any cuisine delivered to your door and 24 hour gyms. In my imaginary Lauren world, I get to enjoy the best of both!

We turned out her horses, walked the dogs, then tended to the yard all before breakfast. By this point, we were so full of beans from the country air and spending time together, we decided that we deserved to get glammed up and literally let our hair down. Harriet’s farmhouse is beautiful (and absolutely ginormous) so we retreated to her dressing room to have a pamper session and play around with our hair and makeup and sing along to music.

As the afternoon wore on and neither of us were in the mood to waste our weekend together, we decided to put on our lingerie and take some photos together. We must have spent hours joking and laughing, as we set the timer then ran to get into the shot, however out of all the photos we took, while Harriet was testing the angle and lighting, we both leaned into the shot and gave our cheesiest smiles.. After all the posing and suspender wearing, deciding which leg to put where and how our hair looked, our favourite photo by a mile was a simple test shot. I have always believed that memories are something to treasure the most, however seeing that photo still puts the biggest smile on my face, and I know it will for years to come.

The following day the blustery breeze had subsided, and the sun was shining, so we decided for a day of horseriding. However, before this, Harriet took some cheeky snaps of us in our riding boots and jodhpurs.

 As some of you reading this may know, Harriet often loves to bring a riding crop in her bag to dates, when she knows a particular gentleman might enjoy a gentle slap, and I’ve certainly been on the receiving end myself a couple of times! But on this occasion, I can report that Harriet and I both behaved.

Again after all the giggling, posing and running to get into shot as the timer beeped its 10 second warning, our favourite photo was one where we were still half giggling at the thought of what we must look like, balancing on top of hay bales in each other’s arms, wondering if or when a nearby farmer might wander past and leave us running for cover. And in our favourite photo, we just had time to bend over the hay bales towards each other and kiss before the shot was taken.

After horseriding, more welly wearing and dog walking, it was time for me to get packing and make my way home to Birmingham. We kissed and hugged each other goodbye and although I was sad to be leaving my amazing friend, the memories we had made, although so simple, meant so much and still lift my spirits.

I cannot wait to see Harriet and the rest of the Indie Collective ladies again. Harriet and I are already thinking about when we can see each other again and fingers crossed, the fabulous Pippa Parlance (and hopefully Amanda Jones too) may get together soon as well.

I cannot wait for all of us to all be reunited together and just be. The vibe each member of our wonderful team brings to the table is so full of positivity, yet we are each so individual in our personalities. We came together by choice and have shone light towards each other during these difficult times. I am very lucky indeed to have such amazing humans in my life.

You can follow all of the Indie Collective on Twitter and all of their websites are linked on my femme fatales page on my website, however I have also listed our team below. Each and every one of them truly deserves your attention… and keep your eyes peeled as there have been a few new photoshoots recently; so expect to see your favourite ladies looking even more fabulous than ever before (as if that were even possible)!

If you would like to hear more about my day-to-day life, you can follow me on Twitter.

I can’t wait to see you soon. Lots of love, Lauren, and the rest of the Indie Collective: Amanda Jones, Emily Cole, Harriet Alderton, Lauren Brook, Madeleine Rose, Pippa Parlance, and Sofia James xx

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